Daily Chores

photography Martin Parr

realization Valentina Ilardi Martin

Issue VIII




All Bianca and Matilde's clothes are from the spring/summer 2013 collection of DOLCE & GABBANA.


Antique pink roses bloom on the brocade sleeveless dress worn by Matilde and on the double-breasted jacket and skirt worn by Bianca, enhancing the mediterranean silhouette. Both looks are trimmed with powder and black lace applications. Bianca wears black lace pumps adorned by a ribbon, Matilde wears floral canvas platform sandals.

Flowers of pearl lace are embroidered over both Matilde's three-quarter shirt and Bianca's silk-based cocktail dress.

The lively "Sicilia" motif, depicting the region's characteristic street theater puppets, brightly colors Matilde's shorts and Bianca's high waisted corolla skirt. Sailor striped t-shirts top both the outfits.

Matilde, in a natural cotton lapelled shirt, stands near Bianca. She wears a ballon-sleeved shirt, complicated by a frilled closure and styled with an aquamarine lace skirt. The sunglasses are also aquamarine. A printed chiffon dress with lace details, a classic white shirt, and a floral dress with lace bodice are hung to dry.

Majolica, lemon and flower blossom prints inhabit the satin mini-dress which are printed on a blue- based motif. Bianca's is enriched by black lace embroideries. The flat ballerina slippers feature the same motif.

Bianca's strapless bustier gown with full skirt, and Matilde's mini-dress, are made in antique pink silk satin, doubled with black dotted tulle and lace trimmings. The lace high-heel pumps are adorned by a ribbon. Matilde's ballerina slippers are entirely covered by black sequins.

Matilde wears a cotton shirt with silk satin sleeves, a peter pan crochet collar and ribboned closure. Bianca has a silk short-sleeved shirt, with revers on the neckline, styled with classic denim pants. Both girls play with the spring/summer 2013 collection of DOLCE & GABBANA MAKEUP.

The floral brocade is adorned with lace applications on Bianca's jacket and skirt and Matilde's mini-dress. Both looks are accessorized with raspberry sunglasses. Matilde wears floral canvas platforms. Bianca's lips are warmed by the "fire" nuance of the "classic Lipstick." The eyes are illuminated by the "stromboli" shades of the "Smooth Eye Colour Duo" eyeshadows, combined with the "Intenseyes Mascara," in its "black" shade. All by DOLCE & GABBANA MAKEUP.

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