Abstracts / 29 August 2015

Truth Disarms Philosophy of a Metal Frog

by Beatrix Ost

I know her from other train rides, this conductor. She is the Prime Minister of the Business Class Department. She has her parliamentary seat right on the left as you enter. To rest a little and to oversee her charges. Read more...

Travel / 24 August 2015

Giacomo Bistrot - Milan

by Maria Rossi

photography Lawrence Oluyede

coordination Martina Velardi

Contrary to the prevailing Milanese attitude, the contained spaces of Giacomo encourage conversations amongst dinner guests. Sometimes Mr. Bulleri can still be spotted rubbing elbows with both the bourgeoisie and the bon vivants. Read more...

Chronicle / 18 August 2015

Ian Jones: 1983 - 2015

by Brantly Martin

photography Peppe Tortora

New York lost one of its brightests souls. We all know, however, that IAN JONES SHINES ON. Read more...

Editorials / 1.1

Street Kids

photography Ian Jones

realization Valentina Ilardi Martin

For most people, the idea of living on the street is a nightmare on par with incarceration, illness or death. For some, however, it’s a reality. Read more...

Chronicle / 12 August 2015

A.I. Artisanal Intelligence – Creative Crime

by Maria Rossi

photography Andrea Buccella

This edition of Artisanal Intelligence takes its cue from a clever association that becomes an underlying reference for the entire exhibition. Read more...

Chronicle / 3 August 2015

Hermès in Wanderland

by Maria Rossi

photography Gabriella Codastefano

A flâneur might be best defined as an urban stroller, a saunterer in the city's boulevards. Read more...

Travel / 1.3

Grey Days in Marrakech

by Monika Norwid

photography Terry Munson

If people built mind palaces as a memory aide, then my Marrakech is the inverse—memory and creativity made manifest in a physical place. Read more...

Editorials / 1.3

The 3 Hearts & 2 Long Legs of Cassandra Rosebeetle

by Alaska McFadden

photography Tony Notarberardino

realization Valentina Ilardi Martin

The perfect rounds of a pearlescent white buttocks flash from beneath eight shimmering tentacles. Read more...

Shows & Backstage / 3 July 2015

Études Studio S/S 2016 - Menswear

photography Federica Fioravanti

From Paris Menswear shows, backstage and show pictures at the Études Studio S/S 2016 show. Read more...

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