Editorials / GREYBOOK Volume I

You never know what to expect

photography Spencer Ostrander

realization Valentina Ilardi Martin

She wasn’t there for the food or the cool crowd of artists, designers and doyennes who couldn’t help admiring the ten years of Ashish she was wearing for such a memorable occasion. At any moment he would be there for the sequined surprise, and so she waited, counting the leaf scars on the palm trees while her womb kept swelling, season after season. Read more...

Editorials / GREYBOOK Volume I

Psycho Chic

photography Alexandra Carr

realization Concetta D'Angelo

A little insanity never hurt anyone and it’s a key element of this season’s wardrobe, especially when returning home, after some time away. Who would suspect the boss’s daughter, as she strolls through the East Village in disguise? Style needs no alibi, only a familiar place to feel safe and welcome, while delving into movie scenes which induced the deviant star to listen to her father. Read more...

Editorials / GREYBOOK Volume I

chapter V - Made on Earth

photography Valentina Ilardi Martin and Silvia Morani

realization Valentina Ilardi Martin and Silvia Morani

As the poet said, “Trees are your best antiques.” More than a location, Estouteville is where the golden apples of the sun inhale art in its purest form — one generation to the next. Read more...

Chronicle / GREYBOOK Volume I

Food: A Convivial Chaos

by Tarajia Morrell

illustrator Fanny Gentle

Whether Maronite or Druze, a Palestinian refugee, Sunni or Shiite, from a mountain village or a coastal town . . . the kitchen becomes theirs and the bounty they create overshadows the differences between their backgrounds and those of the patrons. Read more...

Abstracts / GREYBOOK Volume I

Die Wiege

by Jay Scheib

illustrator Daniel Egnéus


Editorials / GREYBOOK Volume I


photography Nicol Vizioli

realization Concetta D'Angelo

After the tears dried and hope vanished, she changed her name and moved to the city with her heart still burning, to an abandoned house under a magnolia tree. Read more...

Chronicle / GREYBOOK Volume I

Music: Mannarino

photography Peppe Tortora

realization Concetta D'Angelo

The problem with the spoken word is meaning. When a violin speaks it sings above words allowing the listener to simply feel the music while the brain absorbs the notes. Read more...

Chronicle / GREYBOOK Volume I


photography Ian Jones

Quello che voi siete noi eravamo; quello che noi siamo voi sarete. Read more...

Shows & Backstage / 11 March 2016

Chanel Fall 2016

photography Federica Fioravanti

From Paris shows, pictures at the Chanel Fall 2016 show. Read more...

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